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Suicide? It's not an escape!
Thursday, March 7, 2013 ? 710 Budak Comel ?
Sad? Depressed? Lonely? Stress?

So you want to kill yourself? 
Because no one cares about you?
Your family hates you. 

Imagine, your parents walking in the room to only find a dead body.
They'll try their hardest to not think negative, and t just think that you are fooling around.
Then, they'll start shaking you.

They'll be BROKEN. Broken into pieces. 

Many tears. 
More tears than you ever shed.
Was it them?
Were they the reason you did this?

More tears. PAIN.

Every night.
Every single second of everyday.
GUILT. More guilt.

Eh, what about your bestfriends?
They're not going to care, right? 
What's the first thing that will going through their mind when your principal comes in and tells the class that YOU'RE NOT ALIVE ANYMORE?

While your bestfriend sits there in tears. Only tears.

Those friends that you smile at but never talk to?
They're now crying.

The boy who used to kick you under the table just to annoy you?
He'll be shocked.
He'll be devastated. He'll blame himself.

Oh, what about your teacher?
Thoughts crossing her mind.

She'll question if you did it because she didn't make school comfortable enough for you.

Pain, Devastation. ALL IN ONE.

Who organises your funeral?
Who has to go through your stuff?
Clothes? Notes? 

Those few older girls who used to give you daggers at school?
They'll feel regret.
They'll blame themselves.

See, if you killed yourself today, you'll never know what might happened tomorrow.
You'll never know because you're dead!
Plain dead. Not alive. Not breathing. Just DEAD.

Your family hate themselves for this.
Your bestfriends then fall into depression.

Tears. Tears. More tears than a river.

All because you killed yourself because you thought no one would care, right?
NO. You are loved. By many.
Someone right now is thinking of you.
And right now, I'm thinking of anyone who has thought or is considering suicide. 

You are beautiful. 
No matter if you are black, white, ugly, tall, short, fat, overweight, or anorexic.

You are beautiful. 
You want to kill yourself?
Think about it first.
There's no coming back.
It cannot be undone.

Just take a look at this verse,

“And do not throw (yourselves) with your own hands to destruction; but work (deeds of) excellence for verily Allah loves the people of excellence.”  [Surah Baqarah 2:195]

And this,

 “And do not kill yourselves. Surely, Allah is Most merciful to you.” [Surah Nisaa 4:29]

Not enough?

Read this,

Whoever kills himself with an iron tool, then his tool will be in his hand and he will keep stabbing himself with it in the Fire of Jahannam, forever and ever. 
Whoever kills himself with poison, then his poison will be in his hand and he will keep taking it in the Fire of Jahannam forever and ever. 
Whoever kills himself by throwing himself from a mountain, will keep falling in the Fire of Jahannam forever and ever.       [Sahih Al-Bukhari]

Do you think by killing yourself, you can escape from all bad things that you have been going through?
NO sahabat NO!

You are just drag yourself into Jahannam. Don't you afraid of Neraka Jahannam? 

The degree of hotness of Neraka Jahannam is 70 times than the degree of hotness of duniya.

Don't you afraid?

And I promise, if you do it, you are not only hurting yourself,
you are hurting many!

You are creating more tears than you led yourself to.
You're making everyone miserable and making them all guilt & pain.

Never they feel happy like they used to had you.
You are beautiful.
You are special.
Everyone cares about you.
And you are never alone :)

Always think that Allah is always beside you.
Never forget that ^^

Depressed because nothing went smoothly as you planned?
No, you should not.
Everything happens for a reason sahabat. Nothing happens for nothing.
Just return to Allah. Pray to Him. When you have Him, in shaa Allah, the whole world is in your hands :)

Be content. Adopt positively thinking. Think, Allah surely will never harm you, right? He created you. Why should He harm something that He created before? Think think :)

Sekian, Wallahu A'lam :)


Thanks for reading :)

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