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Ammi Abah, I love you.
Monday, August 29, 2016 ? 010 Budak Comel ?

I miss my mom. And my dad. Really miss a lot. Both of them. How I wish they will stay here with me one day, like we were before. I just can bear to stay distant from them. I miss them a lot. Even though it is just a small house, but I dont ever mind at all. As long as my loves one are here, the house is big enough for me.Thank Allah because I have Mr Am here. Kalau tak, I cant imagine how my life would be. Sekarang pun everytime the sem break ends, and I need to go back to my college, I felt so heartbroken everytime I wave my hands bidding goodbye to them. Tapi everytime tu jugaklah, I okay sikit sebab fikir I ada Mr Am beside me. That makes me become stronger again a little bit. Cuba bayangkan if I had no one? I guess I can have those home sick syndrome like how I had when I was in form four. Sampai tak boleh stay boarding school and went back to them kot. Sekarang pun still rasa homesick, but if Mr Am beside me, I rasa tenang sikit, Alhamdulillah.

Hmm, just now kat Facebook, ammi posted a picture of my younger sister's, Win, new pencil case. It is a crochet pencil case made by her. So cute & beautiful. Looking at those pencil case really makes me sad and touched. How she spent most of her time, doing crochet stuffs just to fill the emptiness in her life. Dia pernah cakap kat I yang dia buat benda ni semua sebab dia nak penuhi waktu kosong dia. I can say that she is the 'worried-well' type. Means that she gets over thinking easily. So, to avoid that habit, dia kait crochet. Sebab dia cakap dia suka buat benda ni, and now she needs to fill her life doing thing that she likes. No wonder la kenapa dia tak letih-letih kait cover tisu and etc untuk orang lain. Sebab dia nak penuhi hidup dia dengan benda yang dia happy instead of fikir benda bukan-bukan.

Dia seorang yang sangat tabah & kuat. I just cant find someone else like her in this big world. She's one in the whole world population. Nampak je hati lembut, baik hati, penyayang and so on, but deep down inside her, she is the greatest and strongest life warrior that I have ever seen. She is so strong inside. I have no idea why everytime I'm talking about my parents to other people, it breaks and touched my heart. I feel like wanna cry at that moment, however, I kept forcing myself to calm down. But deep down inside, I cried. I miss them. A lot.

Hari tu time sem break I went home. I can see how excited she was. She cooked everything that I like. Baked macaroni, sup kambing, kari kambing, kek batik and so much more. Everyday, she will never miss buying food for her daughter and family. Abah pun sama. I balik je abah beli banyak ice cream Wall's & yoghurt simpan dalam peti. Teringat one day yang I cakap Calpis tu sedap. Then, the day afterward he kept buying those Calpis everytime it was out of stock in the fridge. Both of my parents never berkira when it comes to food for their children. And this habit really impressed me how they are willing to spend most of their money to their children first instead of for themselves.

One day, I hope I can bring both of my parents stay with me. And when that day comes, I'll treat them like my king & queen. My life will be 100% complete when that day arrives, living with the whole kingdom, king, queen and prince hehe. I nak masak, and do the whole chores for them and Mr Am. I tak kisah if I tak kerja (especially when Mr Am can afford our family expenses), I rather prefer to quit from job and do all the house chores for the whole family. Or else I can do part time job from home such as online job while taking care of them. Oh, how I wish that time will arrive soon.

Ammi, abah, you are the greatest blessing in my life. Having both of you such the most valuable gift that I have received from Allah. Sometimes I wonder, what I have done till I get such a wonderful parents. Adakah I layak untuk dapat parents sebaik dorang? Regardless of that, I still dont want to lose them. Even I tak layak sekali pun, I sayang dorang I taknak Allah tarik dorang dari I. I cant. I just cant. Ya Allah, please take care of them just like how the took care of me for this whole life. Please love them, enrich them with good health, wealth, loves, care and all other good things in this world.

They are my parents, and I am so (to the power of infinity) proud to have them in my life. Love them to the stars and beyond. One day, I will make all of you really proud of me and Mr Am. That is my promise ammi abah. Love you.

With love,
Mrs Am.

Thanks for reading :)

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