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An escape to IKEA
Saturday, August 27, 2016 ? 010 Budak Comel ?


Hey there. Kinda late to write a new post but nvm. Today me and Mr Am finally partially done decorating Mr Am's trading room. Went to IKEA, thank God it wasnt crowded as previous. An escape to IKEA on weekdays is such a pleasure I guess. No need to jostle among the IKEAns. And whats the most important thing is, no need to queue too long at the counter just to buy a few items only. That is such a blessing I guess ;)

So..... actually, we didnt plan at all to go to IKEA today. It was just a pop up 'brilliant' idea from me harharhar. We did planned to go to Kaison actually but somehow we turned up somewhere else. I nak beli DIY photo frame actually kat Kaison, but suddenly felt so pity with Mr Am because his room is still empty. No proper desk or chair for his trading purpose. So, I guess, maybe this is the right time kot, to buy 'something' to fill the emptiness in his room. If sempat, then later we can go to Kaison at Paradigm Mall (which actually tak sempat because we did tawaf the IKEA first) Well, you know you are truly home deco lovers when you didnt realize that you've spent more than two hours at IKEA just tengok2 those home deco. Beli barangnya sikit sangat, 'bersiar-siar'nya yang lama haha

After a few hours at IKEA, we did found a few stuffs to buy. Paling penting, found his trading desk and computer chair! Yey! Mula-mula nak beli yang warna putih, then suddenly, rezeki datang jumpa yang As-Is, warna kinda putih susu which has the cheaper price than that white in color. So, fikir punya fikir, we then grabbed that putih susu desk. Dia punya computer chair mashaAllah best betol. If I duduk atas kerusi tu I guess I boleh tidur kat situ kot. Best gile. Sabo je la kita ni yang duduk atas kerusi plastik RM10 je hihi. Tapi thats not a big deal for me. Dia punya barang tu pun for my benefits jugak haha. If dia dapat tempat trading, working space yang selesa, he can generate more money, so tempiasnya dapat kat I jugak kihkihkih

Shopping sikit je this time. Poket keghing.

 Assembly time!

Shopping part was awesome, but assembly time was terrible! Nak taknak kena buat jugak kan. Nak upah orang kena bayar pulak. Better pasang sendiri. Tetibe teringat those moments masa baru masuk rumah. Rumah kosong, of course kena beli furniture ye dak? Then, ke IKEA la jawabnya. Part shopping mak aih bukan main best lagi oi. Balik rumah menangis hah. Macam puzzle nak kena pasang satu satu. Time tu, set azam, one day bila dah kaya, nak upah orang je tolong assemblykan. Tak larat dah oi. Sampai ke subuh pasangnya. Last-last dua tidur terbongkang.

Ok maybe dah cukup kot for this time. Mr Am ajak supper pulak. See ya :)

Trip escape ke IKEA ni sampai kena cancel class dengan student. Shopping tak ingat dunia, but that was fun.

With love ❤
Mrs Am.

Thanks for reading :)

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