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The Introverts.
Friday, August 26, 2016 ? 010 Budak Comel ?

Hey there bloggers! Long time no see , uh?

I would like to post a bit 'bout introvert. Or actually, about myself.  I’m an introvert. Not a fully introvert, but some of the introvert’s characteristics are in me. I’m weird and I admit that. I can say that me myself is a quiet person. But somehow, I need a friend that I can express and share everything. And yeah, I got one now. He is my husband, Mr Am. Basically I do not have many friends now, but that isn’t matter at all. Quality is more important that quantity though. And yeah, I admit, I love keep quality friends with me and exclude all ‘toxic’ friends out of my circle. It’s not that I’m being choosy, mean or what, it’s just that I don’t need friend like that at all. They might be important at some points, but I rather exclude them out of my life instead of keeping them. It’s not that I don’t contact them at all; I do contact them, but seldom.

What’s the point keeping toxic person in your life? They will break you, ruin you, and damage your emotions. They are ‘harmful’. Not the physical harmful I guess, but deep down inside, they can harm your emotions and feelings. 

I have this one best friend. But, now she is just a stranger to me. No more gossip, no more talks, no more discussion, no more sharing secrets. She turns into a stranger just like she never knows me before this. It’s sad to realize how your close friend can turn to someone that you never known before. I love her; she was once my best friend. It’s so hard for an introvert like me to find a friend that really suits me.  By the way, she is an introvert too. That’s why we were friend. But now, idk why she pretends like she don’t know me. She is living in her own life. She’s even stay away from other friends. Seeing she staying alone like that really hurts me. I still care about her. But, is it worth to care about someone who doesn’t even care about your existence anymore?

I love her. She was my best friend. How wonderful would it be if she is still my best friend. I really miss those moment that we spent together. How I wish she still remember that. A, if you read this, I still love you buddy and I miss you a lot.


With love
Mrs Am.

Thanks for reading :)

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