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Sunday, September 18, 2016 ? 010 Budak Comel ?
Today, the day was quite fine but when night comes, I started to feel so sad, so upset, so gloomy.

First because of my YBR. It was quite hard to apply, with all the forms and checklist, and I have no idea on how to settle it down. Thank God I have Mr Am beside to help me with the stuff. But still, there was something happened that made me so upset. I took about half an hour to calm down and be relaxed after that thing happened but fortunately, as the adage goes, whenever you are down seek for Allah and you will feel relieved again. And that was what I did. And then I see a clearer view of the solutions to my problem. Alhamdulillah. It's not a big matter actually, but it depends on how you perceived the matter I guess.

But then, at about 7PM, something happened again. I was trying to pack up my bag for the class tomorrow when I suddenly realized that I had my bottle water leaked in my bag. And even worse, the whole note book which I took few days to make it beautiful, became wet due to the leaking. With all the printed quotes paper were wet, and its color faded to all white paper that I spare for writing notes. I was very frustrated and disappointed with myself. Feeling so so so gloomy till I just wanna escape from everything and sleep.

When I discovered that my book was wet, I refrained myself from crying since Mr Am was there in my room. We were just settled down with the YBR problem but then came another problem. I'm not going to make him upset anymore so I just refrained myself from crying and then went to pray for Maghrib prayer.

But somehow, I cant control myself when I was praying. The tears were suddenly burst out and I was crying during the whole prayer huhuhuhuhuhu. I was just very sad, upset since all my effort were wasted. I felt like the whole world fall on me and I'm dying, crying for help, however from no one. But then I felt relieved, when Mr Am called me when he saw I was crying. He said nothing, do nothing, but I dont know why it makes me calm and I tend to forget all my problems. 

When I saw his face, I felt so pity. My problem is not as big as his. I know that he has bigger, more problems than me so why should I cry over something that is not useful at all and add more problem to his pain? Tomorrow, 19th September 2016, is his birthday and I think we should be happy, not feeling gloomy like this.

It took a while before we recover from our sadness. We planned for a birthday event tomorrow. Hopefully that can cherish ourselves back. I love him. When I have him, I may not have everything in this world, but having him is far worth than anything in this world. :)

Thanks for reading :)

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