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Thursday, September 22, 2016 ? 010 Budak Comel ?
Today I read this motivation book entitled 100 ways to motivate yourself by Steve Chandler. I read it because I was quite bored since the internet speed is so slow to browse up for anything else on the net. So, I decided to spend this few minutes to read something that can brush up my English language skills and my motivation.

I came across this page that quoted Albert Einstein. He once said that,

"Imagination is more important than knowledge"

I was just wondering, is it true? Because everyone is saying that knowledge is the most important thing. Then how come imagination can be the top thing that is essential to be a successful person?

Then comes again a quote like Albert's,

"Imagination rules the world"

This quote was said by Napoleon. Hmmmm, thinking after thinking, I believe that both of these quotes quite true.

Maybe it is not the whole world that he meant, it is your world. Imagination may not change other's world, but it can change yours. Some goes to knowledge. Having just knowledge without imagination is almost like having money but do not know how to spend. It is crucial to imagine in order to succeed.

In my case, I have my own imagination. I am quite a daydreamer I guess. On my table, I have this tag or name board that is written PEGAWAI FARMASI PUAN JANNAH. Hahahaha. I know that I dont even have yet graduated from Bachelor Of Pharmacy but somehow this board reminds me of my future, and sometimes it motivates me to struggle till I can get to see the real tag or board written my name, and have my own office room. 

Whenever I am near with that table, I tend to act professional. I felt like I am at my own office on that time, and already held a degree or PHD in pharmacy field. Even though I am still in degree stage but that feeling helps me quite a lot. It makes me to stay at that table until all my work is done and no unprofessional behavior (sleeping, facebooking n etc) is allowed in the room.

It motivates me quite a lot. And I guess this is why Albert  was saying that imagination is the most important thing. Because without it, you cant even have the motivation to gain knowledge.

With Love,
Mrs Am.

Thanks for reading :)

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