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Thursday, September 8, 2016 ? 010 Budak Comel ?

Got three post waiting to be published. I was writing them using my phone, but since the wifi connection in my phone wasnt that strong, it takes quite a long time to be uploaded, especially when I put pictures in the post. Regardless, while waiting for them to be published, I'm writing a new post hehehe

Hmm, I just saw the CALs given by my lectures. CALs stand for Computer Aided Learning. It is a kind of activity, given by the lectures by using application to explain about a certain topic. So, for my continuous assessment, DR had given me and my batch two assignments using this CAL. The first assignment was entitled Langendorff Heart (what the heck is that, I'd never heard it at all before) and the second one is Blood Physiology (this one is better). Actually, all of us were really shocked as we just started the new semester but we already got two assignments need to be done! Even worse, those two assignments need us to write an essay regarding the topics for 2000 words each. Haih. Ready or not, we must keep going and keep doing it anyway since it is included in the carry mark.

So, I started with the Langendorff Heart first. I guess I made a wrong decision by starting the most difficult one first haihhhhhh. When I was searching for the references regarding the topic, I was quite astonished with all the explanations because it were quite high level information that need us to really understand about the cardiovascular system and its related system. I was just writing for a few paragraph then I gave up. It is very hard though. Besides, its due date is on 30th September, so I guess I still have plenty time to do it next time. I already loss my mood, not just in doing the assignment, but in watching the I Hear Your Voice (Korean Drama) also. I was upset with the video on episode 18 that I've downloaded this morning because that video keep repeating the same scene over and over again! Pity me because I thought that it was just a flashback scene and I keep watching it for about half an hour. Aish, how stupid I am. Only when the episode was about to end, I finally realized that the scenes keep repeating by themselves more than 4 times. Aigoooooo. I have no idea what's wrong with that episode. Or maybe it was the video's up-loader technical problem I guess. Right after that, I just feel like dont want to do anything, except serving myself with the western cuisine hihihi.

So, I'm going to fry the french fries, a few nuggets and sausages for me & Mr Am. I'm starving so deadly right now. Chau.

Thanks for reading :)

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